Get Traffic and Grow Leads with Paid Online Advertising

Outside of Google Adwords there are many ways to use online advertising to get more traffic to your website and grow your firm's leads. 

In this webinar, Legal Marketing Expert Chris Homer walks you through the different types of paid advertisements and how to choose what’s best for your law firm. 

We will cover: 

  • The benefits of paid advertising 
  • Is Avvo Right For You? 
  • How to Take Advantage of Facebook's Endless Amounts of Consumer Data 
  • Are There Other Sites that You Should Consider? 
  • How to Take Your Strategy to the Next Level 

Chris Homer

Senior Campaign Engineer

Chris, nicknamed “Tres” as the third Chris to join the office, is the Senior Campaign Engineer at GNGF. Chris was born and raised in Cincinnati and attended Miami University and Cincinnati State University. Chris creates individualized SEO strategies for law firms by leveraging social media, SEM, and content creation in order to grow law firms. Using his experience in SEO, SEM, and technology, Chris shares his knowledge at colleges, bar associations, and conferences all around the country. Outside of work Chris can be found drinking a local craft beer while watching one of his beloved Cincinnati sports teams.