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Don't just DIY, do it with us

Marketing your firm is too important to fumble your way through alone. 
This isn't a "Do It Yourself" solution. The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF is more of a "Do It With You" approach. With our decade+ in the law practice marketing world, we've built a wealth of processes, in-depth systems, and complex templates to create industry leading marketing strategies and tactics. With The Academy, we've taken those internal tools and packaged them up for our members. Get access to the same resources our team uses everyday as well as in-depth tutorials on how to use them, then join our trainers for the live weekly session to get your project moving.  

Success at any size.

The skills our law firm marketing experts share each week in The Legal Marketing Academy live sessions, scale with your firm. That means we are ready to meet you where you are TODAY – and to help drive your firm wherever YOU want to go.

Fundamental strategies and principles have been the same for Big Firms with Big Budgets and the sole proprietor alike. These techniques aren’t fads or “hacks” designed to game the system. These are proven, sustainable, and scalable.


Expert Guidance

With The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF, you get access to our best-in-class marketers and area specialists. Our entire team of digital marketers is available  within the Might Networks community. Meaning profession input and guidance is never more than a message away. 


Templates & Docs

Our intricate processes used for our agency-level clients have been streamlined and  decoded to be easily understood. Any member, no matter their marketing history, can jump right in and begin doing the work that will have MEANINGFUL impact on their firm today.  Use what the pros use. 


Perfectly Tuned

With weekly live calls and a growing library of tutorials, The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF will have your law firm running like a well-oiled machine. Each piece of educational content works alone to grow your firm, but when tied together, you'll see the real benefits of legal marketing.

Not convinced? Try 3 sessions for free.

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  • What is a Lead Magnet?
  • Lead Generation Funnel
  • Using a Lead Magnet
  • Creating Your Lead Magnet
  • Proven Templates


5 Lead Magnet Templates

Download our Lead Magnet templates to fill in your own branding and generate unique Lead Magnets to use for your law firm.


Workshop Replay

Miss a portion or the workshop or just want to go back and watch it again? View the full workshop here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the rest of our video library.

Looking for more?

In this workshop Josh and Mark mention a few topics that we've covered recently in other live workshop events like this one. If you missed those or just want to go back and rewatch, use these buttons to select the topic you're interested in. 

Each of our live workshop trainings include a workbook with the slide deck used in the presentation as well as writing prompts to get you headed in the right direction. They also include downloadable templates and example files so you're ready to get to work. 


When I speak at CLEs and on webinars, I often mention the power of "drip campaigns." Curious to see one in action? Sign up here to get an example delivered to you in real time. Follow along and learn from our sequence.  
- Mark Homer, CEO & Best-Selling Author

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Tactics and methods that make a difference.

Grow your business using the techniques that legal marketing agencies (like GNGF) use with full-service agency level clients. These are more than trendy growth "hacks." These approaches will shape the way you think about marketing and apply to your law firm for years to come.

Workbooks, templates, and tutorials.

Our team of legal marketing experts provide weekly coaching calls where you will learn and apply your new skills. Each week is dedicated to one topic or method and each lesson is accompanied with short projects designed to hone your skills AND give you real deliverables to boost your practice and show results.  

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded, growth-focused peers.

Within our community, members can access curated articles, weekly lessons, group mastermind chats dedicated to specific topics, real-time feedback on course deliverables, and more.

Free bonuses to save you money
before you ever attend a session.

With all the sign on bonuses we're giving to our First Class of Academy members, you will come to the first Academy session alright with your money's worth. 

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"Incredible Teachers"

"GNGF is definitely the best web and marketing company that I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying a lot. During my 30+ years of practice I’ve worked with numerous companies and in-house marketing coordinators. Fortunately, for the last 2.5 years I’ve been working with the GNGF team, and they’ve been incredible teachers. They’ve truly transformed our site and our marketing. Thank you GNGF💕"

Cheryl David 
The Law Offices of Cheryl David

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"We highly recommend GNGF to anyone (except our competitors)"

"Things are going great since we have been working with GNGF. About half of our internet leads are becoming clients and we are now able to turn down more bad cases. We are getting multiple good cases per week off of our Google leads. The good problem we have is that we are becoming full caseload-wise and are now recruiting new attorneys. We highly recommend GNGF to anyone (except our competitors)."

David J. Crouse 
Crouse Law Group

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"Beyond Successful"

“GNGF has proven to me why they are leaders in their field. The marketing work done by the GNGF team goes far and beyond successful rankings and a website we can take pride in.”

Morris Lilienthal, Esq.
Martinson & Beason, P.C.