"I used to have such a strong referral business, but now no one's calling me."   

Does this sound like you?

We hear from attorneys all the time that their once-strong referral business is drying up. If your clients are still happy and you have the same referral network, then people are still giving out your name. But why aren't they picking up the phone?

Referrals are moving online.

It used to be that once someone got your name from a friend or trusted professional, they would call you right away. Now, they're looking you up online before making that call.

If an online search returns bad reviews, an out-of-date website, or even worse, nothing at all, that potential client isn't calling you. Ever. 

Our Challenge Assignments Will Cover:

  • Your Law Firm's Website

    • The basics of what must be on your website to let referred clients know you can help them and make it easy for them to contact you.
  • Online Reviews

    • How to ask your clients for reviews
    • Which review sites are most important to your potential clients
  • Google My Business

    • How to claim and optimize your profile
  • ...and much more

    • How to claim the most important directory listings
    • How to create content for your website
    • The basics of SEO...to name a few!

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