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If you're a lawyer who wants better results with your legal marketing but you sometimes feel like you have just been throwing time and money out the window, then you need our proven guide, "Know Your Legal Marketing ROI"

There is so much noise in the market these days that it can be hard to know which of your marketing investments are truly helping your law firm grow.

Unfortunately, we have seen many law firms (and even agencies) use the wrong metrics to measure and validate their marketing campaigns. 

Our ROI Guide walks you through the most common mistakes we see—don't ever let someone get away with funny math claims again.

This guide covers the basics of Return on Investment and then expands into ROI specific to Legal Marketing. 

These are the methods that our legal marketing experts actually use to help measure, track, and grow our clients' law firm businesses.

“Working with GNGF has been a great experience for Horwitz & Horwitz, LLC. They really care about our business and helping to make it successful. They are well-versed in all the latest technological developments in the industry and give good, solid, cost-effective advice to their clients. They are very responsive to our questions. They are honest and fair in their approach to increasing our web presence. We have worked with GNGF for the past 4.5 years and intend to continue our relationship indefinitely. We had a bad experience with a marketing agency in the past, so we really appreciate the honesty and integrity of GNGF.”

—John Horwitz
Horwitz & Horwitz, LLC

This FREE guide offers insight into the following:

  • Return on Investment 101

    • Many lawyers say they are embarrassed that they don't exactly know how to properly measure the return on their marketing investments. You should not be. Most lawyers did not go to school to learn financial ratios, you went to school to be an amazing lawyer. Let us help you understand the basics of ROI - get the guide now!.
  • Marketing Mix 

    • Most marketing can be put into two big categories, brand awareness marketing or client acquisition marketing. This guide goes over why you should have both in your marketing mix and our rules of thumb for how to invest your marketing dollars appropriately.
  • Lifetime Value and ROI

    • Many law firms work with a client numerous times over the years. Therefore, the profit from a new client should be separated into two parts: the initial short-term profit and the lifetime profit from that new client. This guide shows you how to do that right.
  • ...and a Bonus: Digital Marketing Metrics that drive a strong ROI

    • What key metrics help drive your return on investment?
    • How do you properly track those? 
    • How many qualified leads do you need per month to reach your growth goals?
    • These questions and more are answered in the bonus section of the guide 

    All of this and more are in this comprehensive guide broken down to easy to understand tips.

    STOP investing your hard earned money on the wrong campaigns.

    START investing in campaigns that actually help your law firm GROW.



    Your Marketing Investments = Your Valuable Time and Hard-Earned Money

    As a legal professional, we know that your time is extremely limited. Furthermore, as a business owner, in order to grow, you know that you need to invest in marketing. Because of this limited time, we find many attorneys have not stepped back to investigate and compare what marketing channels are driving their business.


    Unfortunately, too many law firms have not even implemented the correct measurement to be able to track the metrics that go into their ROI calculation. They are unable to compare their marketing investments. With no measurements in place, these lawyers are essentially gambling with their marketing dollars with no indication of when their lucky streak is beginning to end.  


    Don't just roll the dice, take a few minutes to download and read over this guide to make sure you are able to use data and measurement to drive your marketing decisions.   


    We had a client that was spending thousands of dollars a month on Facebook Ads, they were told that it was driving a lot of traffic to their website and thought they had made a great investment. After working with us to put the appropriate tracking and measurement in place they were awestruck at the data. It turned out that while it was driving a lot of traffic to the website, it wasn't driving many real leads or any new clients. Their Facebook campaign had a negative ROI. They were able to shift this budget into the better performing marketing campaigns and quickly saw their clients and revenues increase.


    This is not to say that we think Facebook Ads don't work, we have seen lawyers be successful with Facebook. But for this client, in their market, in their practice areas, it wasn't working compared to their other campaigns. But, for over a year, they did not know that and wasted over $30,000 of their hard-earned marketing investment.  





    “Prior to finding Get Noticed Get Found (GNGF) we had an agency that cared only about the bottom line and not about their customers. Switching over to GNGF was the best thing we could have ever done for our criminal law practice. They make you feel like you are a member of their family with their individualized attention that they give you. Since we started using them 5 years ago, our online presence has grown and well surpassed our expectations. If you are looking for a company to increase your online presence and help build your business, contact GNGF today!!!”

    —Phillip Greenberg
    Greenberg & Greenberg


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